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Thermal pools and landscape – indoors:

  • indoor relaxing pool

  • Roman style thermal pool 

  • Roman style wading pool c

  • old water “walk-through” pool 

All indoor thermal pools are equipped with massage jets and have a temperature of approximately 36°C.


Thermal pools and landscape – outdoors:

  • thermal exercise pool with a temp. of approx. 36°C, with massage jets and a water mushroom

  • thermal massage pool with a temp. of approx. 36°C, with water-massage beds, massage circuit covering

  • all areas of the body lane, dowsing shower and bottom jets

  • thermal swimming pool, 16 metres long, approx. 28° - 30°C

  • thermal lap pool, 25 metres long, approx. 28 - 30°C, with Aqua-Fit bay, counter-current equipment,

  • unique underwater fitness bikes, plus relaxing music above and below the water

  • Kneipp spa: arm and leg pools for Kneipp therapy, Kneipp hoses

  • spacious outdoor area and sun terrace
  • café & poolbar "Quellenbar"

Alpha Sphere Lounger

Colour, shape and light in unique combination with sound, vibrations and warmth lead to ultra-deep relaxation. You feel light and free, both physically and mentally. Rational and analytical thinking fade into the background. All feeling is directly towards your inner self. Get 23 minutes for only € 10,00.

Common experiences derived from this treatment:

  • relief from stress

  • energetic feeling

  • improving creativity

  • sensory perception improved


Salt room

The walls, ceiling and floor of the salt room are covered with layers of salt. With every breath you inhale precious minerals and micro elements. With pleasant light effects our emotional condition is improved.

The salt room generates the same microclimate as found in salt mines. Every breath supplies valuable minerals and microelements, increases the mental and physical performance and strengthens the immune system. Get 45 minutes for only € 10,00.


  • increases the mental and physical performance

  • strengthens the immune system

  • stimulates the vegetative nervous system

  • positive effect on respiratory diseases

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