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Power from Styria

With its thermal, physical and chemical stimuli, the water – which has a high mineral content and is particularly soft - deeply affects the whole organism. The thermal water has a relaxing effect on body and soul, is good for the skin, strengthens muscles, tones connective tissue and activates the body’s self-healing powers and its own protective mechanisms in the face of numerous illnesses.

Conducted by Prof. Prim. Dr. Lindschinger of the Chemistry Institute at Graz University, it concludes that the thermal waters consist of “sodium bicarbonate-chloride in hypotonic concentrations“. This thermal (hot) water is cooled down to a range between 27° C and 36° C depending on the individual pool requirements.

It is enriched with sodium hydrogen carbonate chloride and does not only have anti-inflammatory effects, but it also encourages the detoxification and purification process.
Per kg, the thermal waters are made up as listed in the following chart.

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